Clonabreany House Wedding Photography | Laura & Donnacha

We had a wonderful time shooting Laura and Donnacha’s Clonabreany House Wedding Photography.

The day was sunny and beautiful. Clonabreany House as a wedding venue was superb, and Laura and Donnacha were a very relaxed and enthusiastic couple for their Clonabreany House Wedding bridal portraits, which always comes across in the final images.

The day itself was full of much detail. A ton of wedding guests took advantage of Clonabreany’sv House black cab ride, there was a visit from a vintage ice–cream van, their candy table kept guests busy.

The decor of Clonabreany House as usual was phenomenal. The reception room was decorated equally as exquisite, an element which always helps contribute to those amazing Clonabreany House Wedding final images.

During the day we took some time out to get additional bridal portraits in a near by corn field, we made use of the stunning gardens at Clonabreany House, and finished the night off with some lovely light painting.

Laura and Donnacha thanks for having us be part of your special day.

Assisted By Josh Mulholland

Video By Blat Garcia

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