Dublin City Wedding Photography | Alexandra & Alessandro Part 2

dublin-city-wedding-photographyGuests arrived at the Liquor rooms for this Dublin City Wedding evening celebrations, following Alexandra and Alessandro’s intimate Howth wedding at the Martello Tower. While their guests were getting settled in the venue, we finished up with some bride and groom portraits on Clontarf’s wooden bridge, followed by the couple heading back to their private residence, with their bridal party, for a wee bit of a change of clothes.

While we arrived to the Liquor Rooms for their Dublin city wedding, Alexandra and Alessando made quite a memorable entrance. The baby blue convertible Cadillac coasted down Dublin cities South side Quays, and pulled up to the venue, gathering intriguing glances from passersby. They exited the Cadillac with Alexandra wearing a stunning full length gold sequined dress, while Alessandro wore a leather jacket which only momentarily covered his ruby red sequined blazer. The couple looked every bit like rock stars and looked fantastic in front of the camera. Their bridesmaids who also took a change of outfit wearing 1920’s themed flapper dresses, took some last minute selfies in the back of the Cadillac before it pulled away.

While in the entrance of the Liquor Rooms, we took some bridal portraits in their vintage staircase, where again, Alexandra and Alessandro looked every bit like rock stars. We moved our way into the party where they were greeted with applause and the music of their hired rock-a-billy band, which not only set the mood perfectly, but also fit in with the feel of the wedding reception. Guests sipped champagne served with colored sugared sticks, treated themselves to buckets of cotton candy, and took some time out to take some Polaroids at the couples Polaroid making station, while the band played enthusiastically behind an illuminated love sign placed at the head of the dance floor.

This Dublin city wedding venue suited the couple so well. Vintage photos adorned the walls, along with a wooden ticking clock, and even a life like bear which provided some interesting photo opportunities. The couple had a second wedding cake, which of course matched Alessandro’s red sequined blazer. We took a bit more time out to take addition bridal portraits in front of the venues greenery wall and their heart shaped light, which sat very close to a framed autograph from Lou Reed on the wall.

As much as the stylish Liquor rooms venue suited the couple, it also suited their guests, who wore top hats, flapper style outfits, and danced the night away along side the bride and groom. Adding to the memorable moments of the night, was a special moment we caught between the grooms parents, who looked at one another with such pride, over their son’s and new daughter in laws special day.

This Martello Tower meets Dublin city wedding was something special. Big thanks to Alexandra and Alessandro for letting us photograph their special day.

Assisted by Nina Val

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