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• Do you shoot both weddings and elopements?

Yes. I cover larger, traditional weddings as well as smaller, more intimate elopements. An elopement should have a guest count of no more than 20 individuals.

• How long will David stay with us on our wedding day?

David likes to plan a wedding day very well and will usually begin around 2-3 hours before the ceremony starts. Collection three & the Signature Collection last until the dancing (approx. 11 hours) whereas collection one would cover until the mealtime (approx. 7 hours)

• What is the couple shoot?

It’s a very informal and fun shoot in the Dublin area which, by the end of it, you will have relaxed in front of the camera, and we will have learned how best to photograph you on your wedding day. It’s imperative for anyone who is nervous about being photographed, as once you’ve seen the results from that shoot you’ll have no fears or worries left about the photography part of your wedding day.

• How many photographs will David take?

We have no fixed number. We will often take well over 1500+ photographs at a wedding. The quantity taken is dependent upon many factors, e.g. the number of locations throughout the day, and the amount of available time between the ceremony and the wedding reception.

• If you have a long way to travel and require overnight accommodation who will pay your expenses?

All packages Include Travel within the republic of Ireland. Outside this, we add a minimal mileage rate/ flights, and accommodation charge dependent on distance / package requested.

• Do we take formal groups as well as candid photos?

Yes, and as quickly as possible! We like to limit group photographs to a maximum of 20 minutes and will work to a pre-arranged list. We will ask your Groomsmen to help gather the necessary guests and the more organised you are about this, the quicker it will be.

• What does David do about eating on the day?

As we will be with you all day, we are normally invited to eat the same meal as your guests. We are very happy to eat at the bar or in another room nearby, as we like to back up images during this time, but need to be on hand to photograph the speeches.

• How many photographs will we see?

Most weddings produce between 400 & 700 fantastic images. All of these are seen by the couple in the private area of the frainphoto website, and your favourites can be selected for the album choice.

• How much digital manipulation goes into our pictures?

Every image is assessed for colour and tone. Most images are then ‘tidied’ to some extent before black & white options are created. We reduce lines, blemishes on skin etc, on many of the pictures. Images that then go into the album get more work done.

• How do we see our photographs?

We will send you a link with all your images online to enable you to make your album selection. Once we have received your selection we will set about designing your album. You also have the choice of an invite to our studio where we spend a morning with you going through your pictures. Over the course of the session you will select the pictures for your album. It is great fun and not as hard as most people think.

• How many photographs make a great album?

“Expect to love all the images you see” says David. Most clients choose between 90 to 120 pictures in their album. There is no limit however. With selections of more than 120 pictures it is advisable to use 2 albums, (volumes 1 & 2).

Dublin Wedding Photographers


• What is your Pricing?

For my detailed pricelist and options please use my contact form to get in touch. I will then get back to you with a link to my pricing page which has all the information there.

• Do you require a Deposit and when is the balance due?

Yes, a €500 deposit is required to make a booking with the balance due 2 weeks before the wedding day.

• Is there a contract?

Yes, the conditions of our insurance deem us to have a signed contract with all our clients.

• Are you insured?

Yes we have full insurance and can provide a copy to any venue that requires it.

• How do we Book?

If you would like to see some albums, or find out more about David and the team then please get in touch. We would really love to meet you too. Drop us an email, or give us a call and we can work from there..

If you would like to go ahead and Make a booking, get in touch and we’ll send you the details. We ask for a deposit of €500 to secure your date. For couples that live outside of Ireland, let’s start the ball rolling with Skype.
We look forward to working with you..

• What payments do you accept?

We can take payment via bank transfer, or credit & debit card payments via Stripe. Bitcoin is also a possibility.

Dublin Wedding Photographers