Learning To Fly | Photography Retreat | Donegal

Learning To Fly | Photography Retreat | Donegal

At least once per year whatever field of work you do, it is never a bad thing to expand your knowledge and have fun with the passion that first set you out on your path. A creative endeavour such as wedding photography can be a solitary pursuit for many, and workshops offer a great outlet to connect, share ideas and grow both in perspective and creative outlook.

One of the best workshops I’ve experienced happened very recently in the wilds of North Donegal. Unknown to me until earlier this year, Learning to Fly is the brainchild of a skateboarding, chopper bike riding and all-round sound wedding photographer Jay Doherty.

It was an inspiring weekend with great speakers including Paula O’Hara, Eric Savoie and Jay Doherty, there were wonderful photoshoots, laughter, camaraderie, drones and chopper bike riding. I was even able to bring along my family which was a nice addition to the weekend.  My 4 year old son even took a few snaps himself. A little chip off the ol’ block…

On top of it being a wonderful weekend with many great photographers from both North and South, I was also fortunate enough to be awarded the ‘best portfolio’ award from the weekends retreat.

Below are my winning photos from the few days up in Donegal.




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