Powerscourt Estate Wedding | Ananta & Adam

There’s so much that can be said about this remarkable Powerscourt Estate Wedding.

Ananta & Adam encapsulated diverse heritage. A romantic love story where India VIA Canada, meets Ireland. The details in their joyous celebrations at their Powerscourt Estate wedding mirrored a romantic Bollywood Film. A wonderful experience for a wedding photographer.

Every detail of Ananata & Adam’s Powerscourt Estate wedding was for the senses. From the fresh flowered leis, the colourful headdresses known as a Duppatta or Odani, the vibrant traditional clothing known as Saree and Lehenga or Pavada’s, the jewellery,  the henna decorating hands and feet. It was beautifully unique, and the venue Powerscourt Estate played the perfect backdrop for Ananta and Adam’s Powerscourt Estate wedding. The colours of the leaves on the trees were even in harmony.

Ananta & Adam’s morning preparations took place on the regal grounds of the estate, formerly a Palladian style 13th century castle, the mansion was constructed in 1731 and resting in Ireland’s breathtaking County Wicklow.

The morning preparations were an array of perfectly adorned saree’s, the placing of Bindis, the layering of necklaces, bracelets and jewels.

Prior to leaving to the wedding ceremony itself, Ananta’s family gathered in her room, for the Ganesh Pooja. Where the family worship Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. This begins by offering a prayer to Lord Ganesh requesting for peace and harmony to prevail during the ceremony.

This Powerscourt Estate wedding ceremony took place in the Powerscourt Estate Main House.

Many friends and family from both sides wore colourful traditional dress. Adding to the vibrancy of the final wedding images.

Their traditional Hindu wedding ceremony was equally as unique. There was the Pokhwanu–which is the arriving and welcoming of Adam.

Here, Ananta’s family formally welcome Adam, with Ananta’s mother placing red tilak on his forehead, where then, he steps on a clay pot, in the hopes of breaking it,  to demonstrate he has the power to overcome all obstacles the married couple may face. Adam had no problem breaking the pot at all.

This is followed by the Kanva Aagman– which was the arriving of Ananta, then leading into the Kumbh Sthapana–where the priest invites the gods to join the ceremony and bless those in attendance.

The Kanyadan is the giving away of the bride and the Varmala is a gesture where Adam’s scarf is tied to Ananat’s Lengha to symbolise union. Then both sets of parents placed sacred cotton thread around the couple to further bond them spiritually.

It’s not every day that a contained sacred fire is permitted to take place inside the main house. Making their Powerscourt Estate wedding that much more special. This granted the important Havan ceremony to take place.

During the Havan Mangal Fera, the couple walking around the fire 4 times and their families throw flowers. As their Powerscourt Estate wedding ceremony concluded, the couple took seven steps to symbolise their journey, a tradition called the Saptapadi, finishing with an exchange of sweets called the Kansar, and further Aashirwad blessings.

Following the ceremony and wedding party portraits, we took a quiet stroll around the grounds of Powerscourt Estate for Ananta and Adam’s personal bridal portraits.

Once back at the Estate, Ananta changed into her second outfit of traditional Hindu bridal wear.

The couple then enjoyed their dinner with guests, followed by spectacular night Bollywood dancing with friends and families into the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks so much to Ananta and Adam for having us be a part of your special day! A photographers dream

Assisted by Nina Val

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