Pre–Wedding Photography Tips | Irish Wedding Photographer

Pre–Wedding shoots are invaluable for a few reasons. These days women are known to take more selfies than men. Furthermore, Instagram– which is primarily made up of personal photos– has the highest use amongst women. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that perhaps women feel that little bit more comfortable and confident in front of the camera than men.

Pre-wedding shoots can help level the playing field in this regard. Preparing both the groom and bride for their time in front of the camera prior to their big day.

From my experience,  the groom really benefits from pre-wedding shoots. They give him that opportunity to get any of those first few awkward minutes in front of the camera out of the way, in order to ensure the most natural wedding portraits.

That’s not to say brides are not camera shy, as sometimes they are.  I find that once couples do a pre-wedding shoot with me, it makes most of their nerves subside, allowing them both to realise they have nothing to worry about. Making room for the fun and relaxed atmosphere I aim to provide at all pre-wedding and wedding shoots.

On top of this, it’s a wonderful opportunity to further document our couples love story.

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