Roisin + Leo | Athy farm wedding | Kildare wedding photographer

Roisin + Leo

Date | 16.08.14

Dublin Wedding Photographer | David Frain & Assisted by Annie Kheffache (

Roisin and Leo met in their local pub in Athy once upon a time and it was off to Athy for us for an amazing wedding, a day full of surprises. A great couple, fun, friendly and determined to show their guests a brilliant time this wedding had it all.   A full gospel choir filled Crookstown Church with glorious music and Roisin and Leo left the church as husband and wife to a fun shower of bubbles. Waiting for them outside was the cutest wedding car ever – Roisin’s dad’s vintage Prefect. The Prefect’s blue colour and pink ribbon perfectly matched the bridesmaids’ elegant blue dresses and pink themed bouquets (and even Leo’s pink bow tie!) while Roisin was stunning in classic ivory lace. The bridesmaids made their escape to the reception Italian Job-style in a fleet of ribbon-covered Mini Coopers. The reception was held on Roisin’s family farm, more specifically her dad’s tractor museum (yes tractor museum! Possibly the coolest place ever to hold a wedding reception!), which had been turned into a lovely rustic dining room. Even the candy cart was a little vintage car. If a wedding reception begins with a ukulele band you know it’s going to a good day. Add in country stables turned into a rustic pub for the day, a hay barn for the bridal photoshoot and the father of the bride doing a comedy sketch and you have a recipe for greatness.

A barbeque van, a guard of honour of tractors, a champagne stall and a garden swing – Roisin and Leo brought home from Electic Picnic completed the festival feel to the celebrations. If this had been a summer festival it would have been one of the great ones, as a wedding it was incredible. Elegant and stylish (even the youngest guest – Roisin’s three week old niece was dressed in the colour theme!), vintage, rustic, quirky and so much fun. From the sounds of things planning the wedding was a whole family affair, if not a whole community affair! But whoever was responsible should seriously think about going into the wedding planning business in the tractor museum! Thanks Roisin and Leo for letting us be a part of your epic day.


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Videographer | Simply Wedding Videos

Ukelele Band | The Kooky ukes

Wedding Band | Moonlight

Makeup Artist | Deb Fx make Up

Florist | Maeve

Hair Stylist | Siona

Wedding Car(s) | Dad’s prefect Car

Dress Designer / Boutique | Allure

Catering | Barbecue Joe’s

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