Westin Hotel Wedding | Sarah & Corrado

Shooting Sarah and Corrado’s wedding at the Westin Hotel was an absolute pleasure for me. Towards the end of the night, after the dancing, I suggested taking some final shots on Dublins O’Connell Street Bridge– to which Corrado replied, “Of course, this is what it’s all about”.

I have to say, I completely echo his sentiment. As a wedding photographer, being able to photograph these two so in love, so happy, and so at ease with all the excitement of their day– is really what it’s all about for me. It is always a treat to have a couple on board and so willing to document their day. After all, Westin Hotel wedding images are forever.

Sarah and Corrado met while they were both working at Dublin’s The Olympia Theatre, taking care of stage lighting for the play, I–Keano. All those past dress rehearsals really paid off, as the wedding itself was a visual event on epic proportions.

Reconnecting with the venue where their love started blooming was an important aspect for Sarah and Corrado’s special day. So at intermission, the doors of Dublin’s Olympia Theater were thrown open, especially for this couple. Of course, Sarah and Corrado stopping by for obligatory pints at Brogans Pub– where Sarah once lived above– quickly followed suit. As you do.

The Westin Hotel wedding venue in Dublin was an amazing scene for their ballroom of love. Lit brilliantly enough to send reflections of celebration, family, and surprise choreographed dancing, cascading up those ballroom walls.

Assisted by Brian Gorey.

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